about our pastor


"I have been in pastoral ministry since 1998. My first formal role as a pastor was serving as a Youth Pastor. It was in this place of working with students, that I began to see real change in the lives of young people as they surrendered their lives to Christ. In serving these students, with the realities of life's ups and downs, moving forward and backward, I learned of God's grace and kindness. I saw His patience and His heart for people, like my students and myself, who stumble around in this journey of faith. It was in this season of ministry I figured out that the church is filled with people just like myself and my students, moving forward, moving backward, stumbling, finding success, and wandering… Yet all the time being the recipients of God's love, grace and kindness! We are the ones who so desperately need a Savior! And, oh, the kindness and grace of our God who has given us Himself in Jesus!"

At Journey Church, we are all in this process, this journey, of discovering the love of God. No one here has it figured out, but one thing we are becoming convinced of is this, we are the beloved of God, we are His dearly loved daughters and sons. And as we lean into His love and His grace and His kindness we are experiencing real life, life with meaning and purpose and most importantly life with God.

If you are interested in an authentic pursuit of God, come join us. Journey is not about distributing a “professional faith.” We are a growing community dedicated to connecting people to Jesus Christ. Because when you are connected to Him, you are connected to life!

Join us Sunday @ 10:00

-Pastor Brad Main

Our mission in merrill

Our passion is to see people become all that God made them to be.  We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is absolutely vital to this.  Our mission is to be a growing community dedicated to connecting people to Jesus Christ. 

At Journey Church, we are followers of Jesus who are growing in our understanding of the Heart of God. We are seeking after His Word, and we are growing in love, in grace and in trust.  We are intentional about building a family of faith, where people are doing life together.  Learning from each other how to live a life of love. A life that that honors God.  Journey Church's mission is that in everything we do we are dedicated to connecting people to Jesus Christ.  We know that this connection to Jesus Christ will change a life forever!   

Journey Church is devoted to seeking the lost, restoring the prodigals, and equipping the followers, so that Jesus Christ may be the passion of every heart. 

The vision for Journey Church comes in part from the New Testament book of Luke, chapter 15.  Jesus tells a couple of stories to the religious people gathered around him.  In each story we can find an example of God’s relationship to us! His reckless pursuit of our hearts! 

One story is of a woman who has a weeks worth of cash in her house and loses one of ten coins.  She searches her home, turns up all of the lights, sweeps under everything, looking for that one coin.  When she finds it, she rejoices with her friends and neighbors.  Jesus ties this story to how God seeks to find people who are lost.  We know what lost looks like in our world - depression, addiction, living apart from the hope that God offers to us. God is seeking to rescue people like us!

Another story Jesus shared that day was of a father and son.  The prodigal son believed that he was independent and ready to do life apart from a relationship with his father.  He said, "Dad, give me my stuff, I am leaving home".  He soon learned that life apart from his father was nasty and hard, and he longed to be back home.  When the son finally heads home, the father is waiting for him with open arms.  We can often identify with the notion to do life on our own, choosing to disregard God and His heart for us.  When we are ready for restoration of this relationship, the truth is that God is waiting!  The Father longs for His kids to come home! 

Journey is a place for human beings to return home to our Father’s heart!  We realize that living life can be hard at times.  God's plan for the church is to function as a body, offering support, encouragement and love.  We desire to see people grow in trust. In this relationship with Jesus we get to see some of the amazing things. We are always invited to learn to trust the One who loves us most!

When you come to Journey Church, it does not matter where you are in your relationship with God.  Come as you are, encounter His followers, encounter Jesus, and never be the same!  We desire for  all of us to know Jesus and that he would truly become the passion of our hearts!

our story

The story of Journey Church goes back to 2007, when a gathering of regional pastors began praying for an opportunity to plant a new church in the Merrill community.  The church planting movement is as old as the church itself!  The New Testament is filled with stories of new churches meeting in homes, neighborhoods and communities.  In a community the size of Merrill (around 10,000 people), statistics say that around 4500 people report that they seldom or never attend church.  Church planting is the single most effective way to connect unchurched people to Jesus Christ in our culture. 

In January 2010, Pastor Brad Main was called by Converge Great Lakes to lead this new church in Merrill.  At that time, the vision, mission, and identity of Journey Church began to become focused.  Over the next nine months, through conversations with people in coffee shops, homes, and churches, God gathered a group of people that were excited to be involved in the foundation of His church.  This group began renting space at OTT'S Garage Youth Center in October 2010, where they gathered on Tuesday nights to pray, connect, and prepare to launch God's church. 

Journey Church celebrated her Grand Opening Launch on the second Sunday in September, 2011, at Kate Goodrich Elementary School. For the next three years, they met on Sunday mornings at 10:00am for worship, teaching, and building this community of faith.  In August. 2014, thirty-six people became the founding members, and then, in October 2014, Journey Church was officially welcomed by Converge as independent church.  

In the end of September 2014, the church made an offer to purchase a building that could be their permanent home.  They desired to have a facility that would allow ministry opportunities outside of Sunday and Tuesdays, as well as a place "to plant flowers" signifying permanent roots in the Merrill community.  After running into a speed bump with zoning of this property, the church finally purchased 1212 S. Center Ave on December 12, 2014 and held her first Worship Service there the following Sunday.  What a blessing to watch God at work among his people!

In the time since Journey Church launched, we have seen God graciously drawing people to Himself. Many times, those who regularly attend the Sunday Worship Service are comfortable inviting friends and family to join them.  Lives are being transformed.  Come on the weekend and give it a try!

Journey Church is a growing community dedicated to connecting people to Jesus Christ.