c o n n e c t i n g


Our deal is this: we want you to thrive here & that looks like getting connected to people, the church, & our community! Here’s some ways to do that with us…

show up

The primary way we connect to Jesus Christ, and with others, is our Sunday morning worship service.  We'd like to be the church for those people who feel like they just don’t fit in anywhere else, and also for people who have given up on a church for one reason or another.  So many times we’ve heard, “I’ve tried the church thing and I’m not into what I’ve seen.”   We want people to walk away saying, “I didn’t know church could be like this!”  We understand that it is tough for some people to come to church.  Regardless of where you have been or where you are at right now, know you are welcome in our Papa’s living room. You dont have to have anything together; bring your mess, bring your pain. Come find a breath of fresh air. We’d love to have you.

Commit to make it a priority to show up each Sunday, and you may find it to be the one hour you look forward to all week. 

( we also have potlucks & social events, but you’ll have to check our e-news to stay up to date! ) 

Plug in

We believe life is not meant to do alone, so we have tons of ways for you to connect!  Each may take a bit of initiative on your part.  Don't be afraid to try something that's out of your box!

The first step could be to become informed.  We have a weekly email news letter that updates you on the life and times at Journey Church.  Sign up for our eNews today!

Show up early on a Sunday for 9:30 prayer with our people.  This is a sweet time of dedicating for our morning to the Lord.  As the beloved, we have the opportunity to share our hearts concerns with God!  You can pray out loud or silently.  God hears you either way!

Maybe you would be interested in a One-to-One Discipleship study.  This is a chance to connect with one other person as you look at some basic truths from the Bible.   Scheduling can be fit into whatever time slot works for the two of you. The study takes about four weeks to complete.

Would you be able to make time for a coffee date?  There are people at Journey Church who love to connect with people!  This is a great way to make a new friend and learn about some of the opportunities at Journey Church.  The coffee is on us!

We’d love to do anything we can to get you plugged in! Ask around on a Sunday morning for more opportunities.


As a young church, Journey Church has lots of opportunities to serve!

We intentionally offer Hospitality every Sunday.  People who come through our door have already made a huge and courageous step to get that far.  We desire for people to feel comfortable, loved, and welcomed once they arrive.  This team of people rotate every week, but there is always room to step in and serve.  Come at 9:30 and give it a try!

We have places to serve in our Children's Ministry.  Every week these little ones are taught and cared for by loving volunteers.  There is an application process to serve in this important area.  Get it started today!

If you are techie, our Worship Support team may be a place to serve.  Pressing buttons for our worship slides or running a soundboard are needed each week.  All you need is a little computer comfort and attention to detail!  We'll train you.  

We often have seasonal opportunities to serve in our own community.  It may be as simple as ringing bells for the Salvation Army, or making a meal, or giving of your time and talents to someone in need.  Get your name on our eNews list to be updated weekly of service opportunities.