Plug In

If you are looking to connect with Journey, there are a variety of options to consider.  Each may take a bit of initiative on your part.  Don't be afraid to try something that's out of your box!

The first step could be to become informed.  We have a weekly email news letter that updates you on the life and times at Journey Church.  Sign up for our eNews today!

Show up on a Sunday by 9:30, and pray with our people.  This is a sweet time of prayer in preparation for our morning.  We have this awesome opportunity to share our hearts concerns with God!  You can pray out loud or silently.  God hears you either way!

Maybe you would be interested in a One-to-One Discipleship study.  This is a chance to connect with one other person as you look at some basic truths from the Bible.   Scheduling can be fit into whatever time slot works for the two of you. The study takes about four weeks to complete.

Another option is our Discipleship Huddle Groups.  These groups of six to eight people who commit to gather on a regular basis to discuss their real life experience with the God of this Universe.  Together we learn to live with Jesus, and learn from Jesus how to live.  Huddles are a prayer fueled, Spirit led, encounter with God and His word.

Would you be able to make time for a coffee date?  There are people at Journey Church who love to connect with people!  This is a great way to make a new friend and learn about some of the opportunities at Journey Church.  The coffee is on us!

Take the next step and plug in!

Contact us if you'd like more information.

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