Meet Journey's Pastor

Brad Main- Pastor

"I have been in pastoral minisrty since 1998.  My first formal role was serving as the youth Pastor at Bethany in Schofield. It was in this place of working with students, that I began to see real change in the lives of young people as they surrendered their lives to Christ.  In serving these students, with the realities of life's ups and downs, moving forward and backward, that I learned of God's grace and kindness.  I saw His patience and His heart for people, like my students and myself, who stumble around in this journey of faith. It was in this season of ministry I figured out that the church is filled with people just like myself and my students, moving forward, moving backward, stumbling, finding success, and yet all the time being the recipients of God's grace and kindness!  We are the ones who so desperately need a Savior!  And, oh, the kindness and grace of our God who has given us Jesus!"

Join us Sunday @ 10:00

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