Mission & Vision

Our passion is to see people become all that God made them to be.  We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is absolutely vital to this.  Our mission is to be a growing community dedicated to connecting people to Jesus Christ. 

At Journey Church, we are growing disciples of Jesus, growing in our understanding of God and His Word, and growing in faith and grace.  We are intentional about asking God to build a community, a family of faith, where people are doing life together.  Learning from each other how to better live a life that honors God.  Journey Church's mission is that in everything we do, we are dedicated to connecting people to Jesus Christ.  We know that the bottom line is that this personal, individual connection to Jesus Christ will change a life forever!   


Journey Church is devoted to seeking the lost, restoring the prodigals, and equipping the followers, so that Jesus Christ may be the passion of every heart. 

The vision for Journey Church comes in part from the New Testament book of Luke, chapter 15.  Jesus tells a couple of stories to the religious people gathered around him.  In each story we can find ourselves in relationship to God. 

One story is of an woman who has a weeks worth of cash in her house and looses one of ten coins.  She searches her home, turns up all of the lights, sweeps under everything, looking for that one coin.  When she finds it, she rejoices with her friends and neighbors.  Jesus ties this story to how God seeks to find people who are lost.  We know what lost looks like in our world, depression, addiction, living apart from the hope that God offers to us. God is seeking to rescue lost people!

Another story Jesus shared that day was of a father and son.  The prodigal son believed that he was independent and ready to do life apart from the rules and restrictions of his father.  He said, "give me my stuff, I am leaving home".  He soon learned that life apart from his father was nasty and hard, and he longed to be back home.  When the son finally heads home, the father is waiting for him with open arms.  We can often identify with the notion to do life on our own, rebelliously thumbing our noses at God and His ways.  When we are ready for restoration, the truth is that God is waiting!  The Father longs for His kids to come home! 

Journey is a place to grow for those who are following Jesus. Those who have stayed the coarse, sought to obey God, and are involved in serving and loving others.  We realize that living this Christian life can be hard at times.  God's plan for the church is to function as a body, offering support, encouragement and accountability for us.  We desire to equip followers for ministry, for growth in their relationship with Jesus, to help people to see some of the amazing things that are possible when we get out of the way and let God work!  

When you come to Journey Church, it does not matter where you are in your relationship with Jesus.  Come as you are, encounter Jesus, and never be the same!  We desire for Jesus to be the passion of your heart!

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