Journey's Story

The story of Journey Church goes back to 2007, when a gathering of regional pastors began praying for an opportunity to plant a new church in the Merrill community.  The church planting movement is as old as the church itself!  The New Testament is filled with stories of new churches meeting in homes, neighborhoods and communities.  In a community the size of Merrill (around 10,000 people), statistics say that around 4500 people report that they seldom or never attend church.  Church planting is the single most effective way to connect unchurched people to Jesus Christ in our culture. 

In January, 2010, Pastor Brad Main was called by Converge Great Lakes to lead this new church in Merrill.  At that time, the vision, mission, and identity of Journey Church began to become focused.  Over the next nine months, through conversations with people in coffee shops, homes, and churches, God gathered a group of people that were excited to be involved in the foundation of His church.  This group began renting space at OTT'S Garage Youth Center in October 2010, where they gathered on Tuesday nights to pray, connect, and prepare to launch God's church. 

Journey Church celebrated her Grand Opening Launch on the second Sunday in September, 2011, at Kate Goodrich Elementary School. For the next three years, they met on Sunday mornings at 10:00am for worship, teaching, and building this community of faith.  In August. 2014, thirty-six people became the founding members, and then, in October 2014, Journey Church was officially welcomed by Converge Great Lakes as an affiliated, independent church.  

In the end of September 2014, the church made an offer to purchase a building that could be their permanent home.  They desired to have a facility that would allow ministry opportunities outside of Sunday and Tuesdays, as well as a place "to plant flowers" signifying permanant roots in the Merrill community.  After running into a speed bump with zoning of this property, the church finally purchased 1212 S. Center Ave on December 12, 2014 and held her first Worship Service there the following Sunday.  What a blessing to watch God at work among his people!

In the time since Journey Church launched, we have seen God graciously drawing people to Himself. Many times, those who regularily attend the Sunday Worship Service are comfortable inviting friends and family to join them.  Lives are being transformed.  Come on the weekend and give it a try!

Journey Church is a growing community dedicated to connecting people to Jesus Christ.


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